SE Queensland Short Boring and Vacuum Excavation Services

Little Boring specialises in short bores that others just don’t do. Our short bores are perfect for a footpath bore, driveway bore, under road bores and trees.

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Our services are specialised and unique in the market. Don’t cut your road or stamped, stencilled or exposed driveway leaving an unsightly trench that is impossible to match. Trenchless excavation is the only way to go!

No matter if you need a 25mm conduit under your driveway or if you need a stack of seven conduits across a road Little Boring will get you there.

Trenchless excavation is safer, environmentally friendly, takes less time and man-power which means more money in your pocket.

Driveway Bore Required? Call Little Boring

Successfully boring gas, communications, electrical and water services on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Brisbane area.


How We Work.

  • We specialise in short bores from 0-15 metres
  • We bore in most types of ground including rock
  • We excavate our own entry and exit holes which are quite small, allowing us access to nearly all bore sites
  • No water is used, i.e. we dry bore making cleanup quick and easy
  • We can bore under trees
  • We are capable of installing single conduits/water main or multiple conduits
  • Our bores range from 150mm – 500mm

We Specialise in Large Sleeve Insertions.

Little Boring in action • Horizontal Drilling Brisbane & Logan Shires 

Little Boring In Action.

Driveway boring • Under road boring • Horizontal drilling Brisbane 

We currently bore for APA Gas, Energex, Logan City Council, BMD, Diona, Shadforths & JP Richardson on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Brisbane areas. Feel free to get in contact via email or phone to find out more about our process.
Contact: Tyson Little

Mobile: 0409 340 191

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